Introduction To Hotshot Truck Service

If you want to ship relatively small, time-sensitive loads to accessible locations, a hot shot truck is a great option. And hotshot trucking companies provide the great solution for shipping your freight quickly and securely. For your urgent hot shot loads, you need a trusted partner who can deliver your cargo on time and with proven professionalism. True Couriers is the most reliable hot shots truck company in Memphis, TN. We provide safe, on-time and dependable hot shot services.

We have a dedicated team of experienced hotshot drivers who take the wheel of our fast and efficient hot shot fleet of trucks and trailers, offering exceptional driver support. Our focus is to provide high-quality hot shot delivery service to our customers so that we employ a team of expert drivers. To ensure you get the best possible service for our customer, we are continually investing in our team and our equipment. Unlike other hot shot services, we first understand our customer’s business and requirements so that we deliver the right service to them.

When you come to us,

we ensure you get reliable hot shot delivery services with the most significant attention to accuracy, professionalism and on-time delivery.

Why choose us

If you need a reliable hot shot truck Memphis, True Couriers is the right place! Have a look at some reasons why you should choose us?


One of the biggest reasons we are the best option for hot shot delivery service is availability. We have a robust network and huge fleet that give us the ability to react quickly and get moving. No matter how fast we move, we always follow DOT regulation to ensure hotshot trucks are shipping safely.

Preventative maintenance program

We use preventive maintenance programs to remove mechanical issues that can be caught before your hot shot transportation is out. This is because we know having a breakdown slows your down, especially when you need a last-minute shipment can be a headache for you.

Constant communication with timely updates

Being a reputable hotshot trucking company, we know every minute counts with urgent loads. So, we promise to deliver everything on a fixed schedule without any hassle. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who will give you peace of mind with continuous communication even with a quick run and timely updates. On top of that, we provide a GPS tracking system so that you can track the location and status online without any calling dispatch.

If you are looking for professional hot shot carriers to arrange smooth transporting services, look no further than True Couriers. Providing complete satisfaction to the client is our main priority, so we use a simple transportation method, well-conditioned truck or highly experienced courier service provider.

Want to learn more about our hot shot trucking in Memphis, TN? If so, contact us today! We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the most reliable hot shot trucking company.


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