An affordable freight shipping direct service company is hard to find, that gives you the benefits of hot shot trucking company at cheap rates. Hot Short trucking is also known as the same day freight or overnight freight where the package or load of items is delivered faster to its destination. This is possible because of various transportation, smart networking, faster stops and following the best-suited routes for pick up as well as drop off. Not every hot shot carrier services are reliable and provide you with the best results, as some charges high rates, while others are pocket-friendly.

The trucks used by the hot shot trucking company are able to pull even the trailers in case the item is huge in size.  There are various kinds of trailers that are pulled by Class 3, Class 4 or Class 5 trucks that include bumper pull trailers, goose-neck trailers, flatbed trailers and lowboy trailers. 

When you are selecting a freight shipping direct service consider the value and the level of satisfaction that you can derive from it. Here we are discussing a few things that makes hot shot trucking company a pocket-friendly affair and how.


Hot shot trucking involves deliveries made within 50 to 100 miles from the location of picking up to the destination.  Therefore, this involves the hiring of local and regional truck drivers as well as transportation companies instead of expensive trucking companies. Besides, these drivers are well aware of the local areas and can drive in a better manner to deliver the package at its destination. Having local truck drivers or locally operating companies for transportation means comparatively less cost will be incurred as against hiring expensive carrier, freight and logistics company.


Expedited delivery is the main motive of the hot shot trucking company. As the distance covered is shorter, the cargo or the package becomes more manageable to haul. At the same time, there are no long-haul trucking that can lead to a delay in delivery time.  Covering a limited radius of distance, and not accepting orders beyond the boundaries makes way for an affordable freight shipping direct service.

Extended network

The use of an extended network for delivering the package from one point to another is feasible for an affordable freight shipping direct service company.  They have a huge network of drivers, logistics and transportation company that provide easy pick up and drop off within the stipulated time for the hot shot trucking company

Using smaller trucks

Hot shot trucking company uses smaller trucks which are capable of standard pick-up or trucks that can pick up one ton wherein the drivers are ever ready for the pick up and drop off at the destination. This makes the driver to drive as soon as the delivery information arrives. This ensures faster delivery without wasting time and the use of smaller trucks saves expenses.  As a result, the freight shipping company is able to provide affordable services to the users.