A local courier delivery service transports packages as well as documents for businesses, individuals, E-Commerce, healthcare, retail etc. in the local area and delivers them within limited boundaries of the region.  Generally, courier company services deliver locally in the urban area with same day or 24 hours delivery services.  The packages may include any document, medical samples, goods, gifts and more.

How does local courier delivery service work?

Courier companies have their own vehicles which include bikes, van, trucks etc. for collection of the parcel from the sender and delivering it to the receiver.  With the advancement of technology, many courier companies nowadays use GPS tracking system as well as a computerised system for transmitting the courier. Some of the best and modern local courier delivery service operates 24 hours.

Here, we are discussing how courier company services work for delivering local couriers.

1) Receiving the parcel

The sender of the parcel nowadays has the option to get the quotes according to the weight and measurement of the package. Besides, they can get other information related to local delivery on the website of the courier company services provider in the respective region. Once the sender books or places an order for obtaining the service through an online booking option or by calling, they must inform their address for the courier company to send their pick-up executives or the pick-up guy to collect the courier from their workplace or home.

The sender is expected to keep the parcel ready with proper packaging which includes the name, address, postcodes and contact number of the receiver clearly mentioned. The courier company may ask to furnish any other information before they collect the package and receive the payment towards the delivery services. The tracking details of the courier are provided to the sender immediately by labelling the courier.

2) Stamping, labelling and recording

Thereafter, the package is then taken to the nearest local depot or sorting hub where it has to be consolidated along with the other collections of the same area.  The details of the package are recorded in the computer system when they reach the local hub. Stamping and labelling are done which includes the tracking information of the parcel to enable both sender and receiver to track the location of the package.  The courier company ensures the package is not damaged or lost while in transit and necessary efforts are made for safe transportation.

3) Arrangements for delivery

Proper arrangements are made to deliver the courier to another local depot that is near to the location of the receiver.  A suitable transport is selected such as bike, van etc. which is fastest and convenient for the delivery executive or driver to deliver the package. Meanwhile, the sender and receiver can anytime track the location of the courier by tracking system provided on the website of the courier company services provider.

4) Delivery of courier

Once the driver picks up the packages of a particular area, it is his responsibility to deliver the courier safely and to the right address of the receiver.  In case, there is no one present for accepting the parcel, the driver can call the receiver to inform them about the parcel. As per the instructions of the receiver, the driver may deliver the parcel, for instance, to someone in the neighbourhood if instructed.  Otherwise, he will return with the parcel and mention that the next delivery attempt will be made and no one was found to receive the parcel.

It is recommended that when you plan to send any package consider various aspects of the local courier delivery service such as cost-effectiveness, reliability, and the ability to deliver at the receiver’s location. Time is important and a courier service that delivers fastest in the local area is highly preferred and trusted. Always insist to get the tracking information so that you can search the location of the courier and when it is delivered to the destination.